What to do after a successful potty trip

So your kid was able to take care of business after a pee or poop trip. Now what? Here are three things your kid needs to do after successfully completing a potty trip:

1. Flush the toilet

Always teach your kid to flush the toilet after taking care of number one and number two. It's a simple thing to do, but important to help your kid get in the habit of doing. With the help of the IllumiBowl, your kid won't have to take care of business in the dark.

2. Put shorts/pants back on

No one wants a naked kid running around after a poop trip. Teaching your kid to get fully dressed after each bathroom trip is useful. Especially when your child starts going to school. You'll help your kid be better prepared potty trips outside of the comfort and security of your home.

3. Wash hands

This is a must as you already know. Warm water combined with a few squirts of anti-bacterial soap will help your child get rid of any germs your child has picked up after his/her most recent bathroom trip. After your kid washes his/her hands with soap and warm water for at least thirty seconds, teach him/her to dry his/her hands thoroughly.

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