Introducing the IllumiSink! It's a water powered, light-up faucet attachment designed to light up your sink while allowing you to know the water temperature with the help of three different colors!

How does it work?

A sink light that easily fits most standard faucets, the IllumiSink is easy to attached and is water powered. What does that mean? The IllumiSink does not require any batteries. Thanks to the turbine design of the IllumiSink, the water flowing through your faucet powers the LED lights of your IllumiSink.

How do I install it?

Installation of your IllumiSink just takes three easy steps:

  1. Remove existing faucet head. You may need pliers to remove your existing faucet head.
  2. Screw on IllumiSink.
  3. Turn on the flow and watch it glow.

What are the three different colors for?

Thanks to the IllumiSink's innovative design and temperature sensors, you can literally see the water temperature thanks to the three different colors:

  • Blue: Cold water
  • Green: Warm water
  • Red: Hot water

With the help of the glowing IllumiSink, you'll never have to turn on blinding midnight lights when washing your hands late at night. You also don't have to worry about burning your hands because you can now see the temperature of the water coming out of your sink faucet!

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