My Illumibowl doesn’t light up…

Illumibowl has a light detector that will turn off the Illumibowl if it is not in complete darkness.

My Illumibowl is flashing…

When the Illumibowl is flashing it typically indicates a low battery. Try changing the batteries. If that doesn’t work click HERE.

My Illumibowl won’t turn off…

Take out the batteries and put them back in to reset the device. If that doesn’t work click HERE.

How do I get my Illumibowl to rotate colors…?

Tap the button on the side of your Illumibowl once.

How do I set a color…?

Wait until desired color is active and then tap the button on the side of the Illumibowl.

How do I change the brightness on my Illumibowl…?

Hold the button on the side of the Illumibowl until you notice the brightness begin to change. There are levels of brightness for each color.

How do I clean my Illumibowl…?

DO NOT place under running water as this may damage your Illumibowl. Use a damp paper towel and carefully wipe it down.

For ANY other questions/concerns… Please click HERE.